website is no longer available.
Operating from 2007 to 2014, the domain name hosted the website of "this time - this space", a conscious living blog, focused on overcoming challenges through skillful means and living the simple life to the fullest.

The blog focussed on providing practical information on conscious living, food, health, personal development and well-being, including;

- Simple methods used to reduce stress and to control pain (aromatherapy, herbal medicine, massage, meditation);
- Articles on mindfulness practice, gratitude practice, yogic breathing, relaxation techniques, Buddhist meditations.
- Affirmations and articles on art therapy, creative visualization, emotional healing, happiness, internet relationships, love, sensuality, and spirituality;
- Tools and techniques for de-cluttering, simple living, self-improvement, goal setting and time management; and
- Spiritual music from a wide range of cultural traditions..